About IntraCommunities, Inc. (ICI)

ICI presents the next generation of applications for community, revenue generating, websites. As a systems integrator and full service web firm with over ten-years experience with encrypted online business and banking solutions, ICI stands out as an innovative web company.

Company Highlights

  • The ICI principles together launched in 1997, an online sales catalogue that pre-dated by three months. This included an online ecommerce engine store for a publishing firms backlist and distributor titles that was updated from the editor’s File Maker Pro desktop database.
  • ICI is a woman-owned business certified with New York State, NYC Small Business Services, and Port Authority of NY&NJ. Awarded the New York State Backdrop Contract in 2004 for IT services.
  • Under the aegis of the NY City Council, after 9/11, ICI developed an emergency database and community portal,, launched 9/17/01; ICI coordinated over a dozen developers to launch the website to share alerts for Councilmember Freed, updates from building managers and community forums for 2500 registered displaced residents.
  • Dynamic database search engine optimization: As a Googlebase developer, ICI integrates its clients online store with Google’s search engine creating daily updates for 50,000+ online inventory directly to the top feed of google’s search engine.
  • High security and availability websites: ICI deploys web based console system for high availability, high security banking websites, collecting over $30 million for its clients.
  • New non-flash online personalization web application converts web graphics to print-ready pdf’s instantly.
  • New web database technology, first roll out is for a non-profit online donation and events management system.

Programming Experience

  1. Reliability: As server administrators, programmers, security experts and systems integrators, ICI offers a wide-breadth of experience and knowledge: UNIX, BSD UNIX, Apache, MySQL, Perl, php; Document Object Code: XML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, PLAJAX, ICI software, Photoshop, Illustrator, FCP video and audio web compression, googlebase developer.
  2. Flexibility: Experienced integrating web software for the whole office: provide data rescue, importing and heuristic matching services, work with IVR systems, cabling & network companies, install, customize, and maintain a wide-variety of commercial and open-source software packages.
  3. Security: VISA CISP and Payment Credit Industry (PCI) compliant and HIPPA compliant website developers.
  4. Friendly: Offer staff training and support. Enjoy transitioning new-to-web-service folks to web technologies.