Ecommerce Applications


Generating revenue online is a great way to exand and even to start a business. Following is an overview of what is required to perform online sales and options to investigate to see what will work best for your online store

Ecommerce Applications

Software applications provide a variety of tools for the sales of large inventory items that include inventory, tracking, sales, management tools. If you are only selling one or two items, you may not need a software application, but you will need read about hosting and security (or use paypal). The application you choose should be based on the type of sales you are looking to do and which online sales services will enhance sales and generate the most revenue.

Following are some widely available applications. Cost is based on the sophistication of the design, size of inventory, and custom tools and tracking needs for merchants, and the experience of the programmer. I mention this because, while easy to configure, those with more years and knowledge understand the vulnerabilities of working with some of these systems and have the experience to make sure that data is secure. It is the difference between a pilot flying with years of experience versus a pilot who needs a wizard panel to show him step by step what to do.

Questions to ask:

  • Flexibility-when I need to make changes, is it possible?
  • Security-what are the known vulnerabilities of this software package?
  • Usability-can my staff manage this system or is a programmer required to run reports and modify inventory?
  • Design-is this template driven or am I able to custom design the look and feel of the website pages?
  • Availability-can the website perform under high volume of orders?

Common Ecommerce Applications

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